Fri, Aug 07, 2020

Scholarships Committee

Chairpersons: Jessica Shea (Cadet) email| Ken Weinberg (Graduate Medical and Paramedic) email

State Scholarship Programs:

The Scholarship Program Committee of the EMSCNJ is pleased to announce the availability of applications for all three programs for 2020.  EMSCNJ scholarships provide opportunities for volunteers on member squads to further their personal educational goals both within and outside of EMS programs.  The three programs include:

CADET  SCHOLARSHIP - Cadet members of EMSCNJ squads graduating high school in June and enrolling in post-secondary education at an accredited college or university. DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS IS APRIL 1, 2020

GAIL LAWRENCE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Available to EMSCNJ members entering graduate medical field-related education programs. DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS IS APRIL 15, 2020

MARIANNE WILLIS SCHOLARSHIP - Provides support for EMSCNJ members enrolling in paramedic certification programs. DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS IS SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

District Scholarships:

Links Coming soon