Friday, July 19, 2024

Membership General Information

Sue DeWitt, Membership Secretary

Membership in the New Jersey State First Aid Council is open to organizations whose service hours are staffed by volunteers at least 51% of the time and are either:

  • specialized industrial squads
  • squads operating ambulances and serving the general community
  • support organizations such as heavy rescue, water rescue, extrication, and search and rescue.


Annual Reports (updated 4/10/22)

Annual Reports are vital to the gathering of statistics, keeping the communication lines open to the proper persons of our squads, and knowing where the resources are to help our communities in times of need. It is therefore essential that all reports be submitted. 

Membership reports are managed online using a website created specifically for this purpose (NOTE: Do not “save” the link or the password in your browsers. Return to this page each time to access the Membership Directory.)

You MUST use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11.x or higher; Safari 8.x or higher; Chrome 38 or higher. Occasionally Firefox works.


Following are the basic instructions :

1.  To get to the website:  CLICK HERE

2.  Your User ID is your NJSFAC/EMSCNJ squad number. To obtain the password, the highest line or administrative office must email the Membership Secretary (see below)

3.  Review the top part of the first page with the squad name, address, etc. Be sure all the information is correct.  If changes are needed, click into the appropriate field and make the change. Hit the SUBMIT CHANGES button. This is only for the TOP part of the page.

4. The bottom part of the first page is for the DIRECTORY. This MUST contain a name and email or phone for the President, Captain/Chief, Secretary, and lead Delegate. This information comes from the entries on the Members page.

5. Click on the View/Edit Members.  These records must show a current EMT/CPR date for all active riding members. Click onto any field to make changes. This is also the page to indicate Squad Executive Title (President/Secretary), Squad Ops Title (Captain/Chief), and whether the individual is a DELEGATE or ALTERNATE.  All delegates and alternates must be indicated or their name will not appear on the signature pages for voting. Be sure to save when you make changes. Hit RETURN to go back to the previous page. Look at the DIRECTORY page to be sure that the information is now in the proper fields.

6.  Click on View/Edit vehicles button. Be sure that your license plate numbers are in there (remember, we all now have OA plates,) your vehicle VIN numbers, and all information. Hit Save after changes. Hit return to go back to the main page.

7. Click on View/Edit reports. This is where you enter the stats from the PREVIOUS YEAR, i.e. the 2019 record will have the 2018 stats.  Total calls field is mandatory. When complete hit SUBMIT REPORTS.

You will see a date for reports submitted. Email membership secretary Sue DeWitt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the individual who has completed the reports.

Service Certificates

Anyone needing Service Certificates for their members should send this request by e-mail to the Membership Secretary. If no response is received within 24 hours of your sending this e-mail, please resend to confirm that it was received.

For specific membership information please E-Mail the Membership Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.