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Our Chaplain, John Tymon, should be contacted as soon as possible after the death of a member. Please consult your Directory for his contact information.

Annual Memorial Service

At our annual convention, a Memorial Service is conducted in acknowledgment of the efforts of those members who have died during the past year.

Further questions or inquiries may be addressed to our Pastoral Committee via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communicating the Death of a Council Member

This procedure should be followed whenever a member dies. There may be unusual circumstances (e.g. line-of-duty-death, LODD) that may require a deviation from this plan and at those times, squads need to act in compliance to the wishes of the deceased's family members. When questions arise, contact the State Chaplain.

The Council formally recognizes the death of an active, exempt, lifetime, or probationary member. Former members, auxiliary members, honorary members, and those who perform special duties are not formally recognized by the Council.

  1. Upon the death of a squad member, the local squad Chaplain should:
    • Advise the District Chaplain of said death, completing the "Death of Member" form as accurately as possible, including full name, date-of-death, and funeral arrangements, if known.
    • If a Council service is requested, determine the level of participation, whether Squad, District, and/or State.

  2. The District Chaplain should:
    • Assist the local squad chaplain by notifying District squads and officers regarding funeral arrangements and extent of Council participation, if any, including time, location, and date of service.
    • Provide the State Chaplain with the above-listed particulars, and an accurate copy of the "Death of Member" form.
    • Guidelines for conducting the funeral service may be found in the Council's handbook entitled, Order of Funeral Services and Common Prayers.

  3. The State Chaplain will:
    • Attend services and/or provide any appropriate assistance if requested and whenever possible.
    • Submit the deceased member's particulars to GOLD CROSS magazine for publication therein as well as preparing a Memorial Certificate acknowledging said member's service, to be given to the Squad..